I am not in the mood to write a long post nor do I have something grand to say.. I hope these bits and pieces will do for today..

Goodbye Stumbleupon!
What’s up with stumbleUpon? It’s not giving the usual traffic as it does before. A lot of accounts have been banned as well (even established ones). I understand that they are doing some clean-up but have they overdone it? Even editing your own review would need a captcha? Oh.. Come on!!

I’m sure you’ve noticed a lot of them are attacking each other! But really.. it all boils down to one thing.. “Controversy creates Traffic”. Thus, they are actually doing each other a favor.. if you attack me, that’s a hot issue right there.. and people would want to hear my side of the story so I also gain visitors! We both have heavy traffic! We both earn money! We’re both happy. *winks*

1 Design a Day Challenge w/ a Twist!!
(If you haven’t, pls read my previous post) I am determined to do this! At the moment, I am just gathering ideas from people.. But I also want to connect to my audience and make it interactive. So here is my idea..

I show you my Design.. I’ll leave it for 24 hours so you can comment on it.. tell me what I have to improve on .. what to add .. and even change.. then I will post a revised version of it in the next 24 hours. Fun isn’t it? Just one problem.. The title “1 Design a Day Challenge” won’t fit into this idea anymore.. Lol.

Advertise on this Blog
I have Four 125×125 spot on my sidebar. Each spot is at $25/90 or $10/30 Days. I know this is just a new site but I am gaining steady traffic and 85 RSS Subscribers in just 10 Days of being online. What does this tell you? wpthemedesigner.com is growing fast and definitely has potential. Also, I will make sure I promote my own “Design Challenge” as heavily as possible.. that alone should make this blog busy. If you are interested, please contact me (yahoo/gmail:wpthemedesigner).

WP Themes
I am now working on the next Free WordPress Theme that I’ll release for free! Also, thank you so much for the warm response on the Mag On Wood Theme. If you have time, please be kind to vote for the theme on the Lunarpages Design Contest.