Traffic Stats
April 2008 – 7495
May 2008 – 18,969
June 2008 – 30,182
July 2008 – 36,848

RSS Readers – 470+
Technorati Authority – 1,149
Technorati Rank – 2,135
Alexa Ranking – 139,xxx
Page Rank: PR5

Growth Assessment

July was a pretty slow month for me when it comes to driving in heavy traffic. Reasons are 1.) I didn’t get to post consistently and 2.) the contest by Market Leverage came in a little late.

However, I have managed to increase my RSS Subscribers by a hundred and Page Rank tremendously increased from 0 to 5!

August 2008 Goals

I will be focusing on my traffic this month if I could double it then that would be rad! A much more realistic Goal would be to reach 50,000 at the end of the month. Also, I will be working on a consistent increase in my RSS Subscribers as well.

August 2008 Plans

I have slowly started Monetizing the site, installed Google Adsense and will be making Sponsored Reviews and Posts. I will start doing Private Ad Sales as well and will be working on Affiliate Networking, if possible. Hopefully, I will be able to add an Income Report for August 08.

I will also be releasing the Free Ebook I have promised, I am currently working on it but even if its free, I want to take as much time as I can on it.. gathering data and formulating the strategies I have used into an easier step-by-step presentation.

I have also decided to reward Top Commentators, (calling out to those winners who have not claimed their prize yet) and the same incentive will be given this month.

WPTD’s Change of Direction

I have shared to all of you that I have plans of starting an Online Business. In fact, some of you may have noticed that I’m slow on replying emails (like mintspot). That’s because I have been dedicating a large portion of my time to it so that my partner and I will get to launch it as scheduled. All is good at the moment, in fact we picked out a cool domain name for it, yey!

Anyhow, this obviously means, I won’t be able to maximize WPTD at its full potential. Therefore, I have intentions of selling this site. I’ll set the starting bid at $5,000. (ooops!! Don’t react yet! :p, continue reading..)

No, I have not started any formal auction and have not listed this for sale just yet. I have however consulted Dan of DailyBlogTips and sought his advice and would like to thank him for his time and wisdom. I have had offers though and have exchanged emails with those who have shown interest. Which is why I have managed to post an initial bid based from their offers.

I am however hoping to keep this site a little longer so no listings will be made until I receive offers based on my starting bid, 3 interested bidders will have to mean that I put this site on sitepoint already (for formality and protection of buyer and seller). Why buy this now? Because, I will be monetizing the site already which means I will be able to sell this at $xx,xxx by then. So the starting bid is totally a steal! I am however willing to share my input on how you can re-brand this site and what are the possible income streams you can possibly start and make. It’s just roughly 4 months, you can totally re-brand this!

So let’s move on.. yes, I will continue to release more Free Themes for everyone but since I do not have a lot of time in my hands at the moment. I might try to contact Leland of Themelab if he’s interested to code the designs I have that I wish to release for free. Or anyone out there willing to collaborate with me?

That was a lot, right? Whew*

Update: (a reaction to all your comments).. Actually guys, it’s still after all “just a plan”. if you look closer I have mentioned that “I’m trying to hold on to it as much as I can“. Ever since I started, I have been transparent with my goals. I have a feeling, I can still do a lot more here on WPTD even if my hands are full already on my new project (it’s a challenge on my part). However, you must understand that I have worked hard on this site and I simply want WPTD to continue to grow. Thus, if it means letting the site go, then I will oblige but if it means 3 or more years of sticking to it..

now, wouldn’t that rock? :)