We’re Live!

Just a quick note to thank everyone for their patience the past few months as we’ve been working on the new site and first premium theme.  To jumpstart the community, we are offering the first 100 members a 3 month membership for $20.  I can’t emphasize how much of a deal this is since we’ll be launching 2 new premium themes within the first 3 months.  Access to 3 premium themes and support for $20?  Are we nuts?  Maybe, nonetheless it’s a great way to jumpstart the community.  Another bonus for these first 100 members is that they are locked in at the $20 rate for as long as their membership is active.  Memberships are going fast, so don’t delay.

It’s coming this Friday

We’re finally wrapping up the development of our new site and will be launching this Friday. There are some drastic changes coming that we feel are a big step in the right direction for WpThemeDesigner.com. We’re still going to be offering lots of free themes and a al-carte, low cost membership option that includes premium themes, upgraded versions of our 70+ existing free themes, and fantastic support (something we haven’t had the man power to offer in the past). To jump start the membership community we’re going to offer an extremely low cost membership to a limited number of members. We’ll be posting details on the limited membership offer this Tuesday.

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