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This is the theme I am working now [small preview here].. I don’t know if I should add 3 blocks in the footer as I think it would be too much already but somehow it could be useful as well.. so I’ll think about it first. I can’t wait to release this theme!! Please feel free to comment and leave your suggestions.

The next series of themes I will be releasing will be a bit more advanced. It will have Featured News, Plugin Requirements and Custom Fields. So watch out for that!

Anyway, I hope to work on my posting consistency from now on. I read Jason’s Article and this has prompted me to set a structured plan to help me maintain this goal. Besides, there is no reason to slack off anymore as I am already getting 400 Unique Visits Daily and everytime I release a Free Theme it zooms up to more than a thousand UV’s.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Hack WordPress, Elite Theme and Omni Theme for advertising on the site. I still have one advertising spot left so if you are interested, grab it now. Later guys .. 🙂

Sequel to “Mag On Wood” Theme

Sequel to Mag On Wood

I am not over “Mag On Wood” just yet.. so I made a sequel. It’s not yet available for download since I am still in the process of finalizing the theme. I was thinking I could still improve it but then I’m already in love with its simplicity.. so, I don’t know .. *shrugs* — take a look at it here!

What do you guys think?

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