$20 Premium Themes

For those of you just wanting to get your hands on one of our premium themes without becoming a member, your wish has been granted.  Lifetime access to any premium theme for $20 is now available. 

2 Responses to “$20 Premium Themes”

  1. Martin says:

    Firts of all, I´m sorry but I can´t find a contact form for this question.
    If I buy the 33$ membership I have access to all the themes, including the premium themes like Apexial and Inceptive?
    This include this constuitive premium them?

    Best Regards

    • webmaster says:

      Hi Martin,
      Yes, you’ll also have the upcoming Constuitive Premium Theme. It will be available soon. So you’ll surely have it when you become a member now.

      WPTD Webmaster

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