If you haven’t heard of John Cow’s Ebook, “Building a Business not Just a Blog” then I suggest you go download and read it immediately. I am biased, I have always been a big fan of John Cow. How it started? Well, remember that time that Bob started doing a Video Conference of sort, a JohnCow Tv Channel? We’ve always exchanged conversations with substance through that. Other than the fact that we’ve touched elbows around the DP forum and when I told him my Username, he recognized it! The rest is history.. (anyhow) few months after that, it was indeed obvious that there was already a different voice behind John Cow. But the whole competition thing with Garry Conn made me glued to the site even more. Garry Conn inspired me to work on Niche Websites (I already have 14 Niche Websites and have signed up for Adsense) and John Cow made me think of Launching an Online Business.

I have great respect to the new voice behind John Cow.com now for helping me think and realize of better and bigger opportunities that I would have never thought of otherwise. Yes folks, I will be launching my online business next month. I will tell you more about it on my next post. It will be important because you will get to see WPTD’s direction from now on. Also, if you want to know the reason behind this move, you can check out my personal blog.