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1. ABOUT and CONTACT information – You must let your readers know the purpose of your blog/site. Why should they keep on visiting? What do you have to offer? Also, do not ever forget to make your contact information visible and easy to find. If it is possible to dedicate an entire page on the many ways they can possibly contact you, now that is even better!

2. Add Images/Pictures to your posts – Yes! You have to catch your readers’ attention! Sometimes, one paragraph after another can get really boring.. so spice it up a bit!

3. Subscribe to your own RSS Feed – It helps when you actually know what you’re sending out to everyone on your list. It will also guide you in formatting your posts because you get to see it yourself first-hand.

4. Navigation and Site Usability – You have to make sure that getting around your site is simple and consistent. It would be awesome to have a thousand “cool features” in your site but are they even useful? Or does it only confuse your visitors?

5. Too many Ads! – You have your ads plastered all over.. and even getting in the way of your content!! Yes, it is important to be able to monetize your site but do it effectively. If you actually have a good content going on.. then don’t make it seem like an MFA (Made for Adsense) at all!

6. Interact with your Readers – If they comment on your post, then simply comment back or return the gesture of visiting their site as well. If they send you an email then answer back. Make friends. Network with other bloggers.

7. Be Transparent – You want more RSS Feed Readers? Install a plugin that displays a message for first time visitors asking them to subscribe to your blog’s feed and the benefits thereof. You want more comments? Ask a question to make it easier to discuss your article. You want people to purchase your product? Persuade them.. Be transparent with your goals and how you want your site visitors to respond. Tell them! Remind them!

8. Contribute – Give something.. free icons, free themes.. run a contest with big prizes.. Somehow, you have to give-back to your audience.

9. Check your Content – Be on a look-out for spelling and grammar and errors before hitting the publish button. Also, make sure you provide fresh content as much as you can.

10. Try to Learn SEO – It doesn’t hurt to learn SEO and you’ll be surprised with the results. In fact, I consider SEO as an art as this would affect your website performance immensely. You are only half a Netrepreneur if you’ve never understood SEO.